my Wedding 19 july

Hi my dear friends and readers,

sorry for my lack of communication for a while, these past months have pretty much been a blur of great occurrences. The best one of all, i getting married in just 2 weeks and a few days. I had to share that because i know that each and every one of you have been here through the buffel and mumbling writings that at times might have seemed like cold cases of ADD and preoccupation with unsystematic things.

I intend to give the blog a non-surgical face lift when I am back from honeymoon and officially moved in with my new hubby Thiart. So don’t be to hard on me for a few days of silence. Thank you for each and every email and letter that inspired and motivated me for so many days! Herewith some kickass photos of a wedding …very similar to our setup on 19 JULY.
 Much love Nadja


my new Facebook page

my new facebook page on Hair and Make-up. Click here and LIKE if you have time . much love


in stillness and simplicity

Colossians 3:15 In stillness and simplicityIn the silence of the heart I seeThe mystery of eternity Who lives in side of me ...In stillness and simplicityI hear the Spirit's silent plea That You, oh Lord, are close to me In stillness and simplicity You're the Word Who must be heard By those who listen quietly. Is the reason we're not still To hear You speak because We don't believe You will In stillness and simplicityI lose myself in finding Thee Oh Lord, You mean so much to me In stillness and simplicity So, seek the One who dwells in you The kingdom that within is true That innermost reality In stillness and simplicity



Life is a song we must sing with our days A poem with meaning more than words can say A painting with colors no rainbow can tell A lyric that rhymes either heaven or hell We are living letters that doubt desecrates We're the notes of the song of the chorus of faith God shapes every second of our little lives And minds every minute as the universe waits by
The pain and the longing The joy and the moments of light Are the rhythm and rhyme The free verse of the poem of life.So look in the mirror and pray for the grace To tear off the mask, see the art of your face Open your ear lids to hear the sweet song Of each moment that passes and pray to prolong Your time in the ball of the dance of your days Your canvas of colors of moments ablaze With all that is holy With the joy and the strife With the rhythm and rhyme of the poem of your life


your love

Higher than the mountains that I face 
Stronger than the power of the grave
Constant through the trial and the change
One thing remains
Your love never fails
it never gives up
it never runs out on me
On and one and on and on it goes
It overwhelms and satisfies my soul
And I never ever have to be afraid
One thing remains
In death and in life
I'm confident and covered by the power of your great love
My debt is paid there's nothing that can separate my heart from your great love


beauty of love

Greeting amigos,

I have been neglecting mr.blog due to my holiday from paradise. Me and my dear love Thiart went away to ocean- land and had a tremendous detonation. In this time, I got to know my dear friend and boyfriend better and newly realized the power of sharing love for each other. I can see from our holiday time spent, how we are growing together and that notion of development is the most beautiful thing on earth.

In my brief time of 27 years on planet earth I had always been a bit skeptical about giving my heart away to someone due to the comfort zone of knowing it won’t get hurt. But if I look at the sweetness of my relationship with my best friend, it is not anything forced or scary but simply natural. The ability to love is a God given thing. His grace to us to give us every emotion even connected to it.

I am in love with my best friend and see the changes that the love had made in my life. I feel blessed to know that it is just from God. I know we all want to change aspects of our lives but the beauty of grace is that it is undeserved once we give our being to the Lord and start enjoying Him, His love to us, changes us just like in relationships on earth. Love unconditional is true beauty